Everything You Need to Know About Writing

Hello, dear readers, welcome to the “Writing” page.

I have a hunch that you’re likely here because you have no idea where to begin or how writing professionally works.

The good news is you’re not alone.

The guy behind the keyboard who wrote everything you’re reading on this very page started the same as you – clueless.

However, unlike him, who read countless texts from hundreds of sources to learn the art, you’ll only need one source, and that’s this website.

To be more specific, everything to get you started from scratch when it comes to writing is here.

Why Write?

Did you know everyone’s already a writer?

Well, that’s according to how Google defines a writer, which is:

“A person who has written a particular text”

I’m confident anyone who has access to the internet has written something other than their name.

But we’re not trying to be that kind of “writer,” right?

We’re aiming to be someone who:

  • Makes money out of writing.
  • Can deliver a message in the best manner possible.
  • Can tell a story effectively.
  • And can convert their readers.

Now, there are several other reasons why you should learn how to write professionally.

But I wouldn’t want you to get stuck on that topic since there’s a world of information we have to cover.  

So the gist of why you want to write is to make money.

Look, it doesn’t have to be from selling your writing skills directly.

You can also use it to produce higher-quality blog posts or craft wittier vlog scripts that will convince people to buy whatever you’re selling.

The point is it still boils down to getting something out of writing, making this skill priceless.

Now that we’ve established that, where do we start?


Before sharing with you the fundamentals, let’s be clear on one prerequisite:

You need to have an adequate grasp of the English language.

What I mean is that you must know the basics; you should be able to construct sentences at the base level.

This page does not exist to teach you English (if that’s what you’re looking for, unfortunately, you’re in the wrong place).

But since you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’re qualified and already halfway to becoming a wordsmith.

Below will be the topics that will mold you to become a writer.

I know it can be quite intimidating due to the number of topics, but we designed all of them to be straightforward and digestible.

They’re also in a systematic order.

You can start wherever you think suits you best.

Part 1: The Push

The first part will be an episode of topics that will encourage you to start writing ASAP! Why is that important? Well, find the answers yourself by digging into:

Part 2: The Basics of Writing

Now that you’re into dropping some words on a blank sheet, it’s time to introduce a few ground rules:

  • Essays and what about them
  • Paragraphs and how they work
  • Sentences and making them optimal
    • How to merge them
    • Their style and importance
  • Writing naked and its place

Part 3: Writing and Its Many, Many Shapes

Writing doesn’t come in a single jar of candy. It’s a box filled with jars with different flavors, purpose, and style.

  • The four types of writing
  • How to write for yourself
    • Journal writing
    • Phase autobiographies
    • Experiences
  • How to write for others
    • Phase biographies
    • Character sketch
    • Observation report
    • News story
    • Editorial
    • Summary
    • Reviews
  • How to write letters
    • For friends
    • For business
  • Creative writing
    • Poetry
    • Story
    • Dialogue and plays
  • Copywriting

Part 4: Editing and Making It Perfect – As Close as Possible

The last part is about polishing your piece to the best of your abilities.

  • Punctuation marks you need to master
  • The rules of writing (the minor details)
  • The right words

Well, that wasn’t so hard, right?

And you’re always welcome to review these topics whenever you like.

Now that you’re all prepared, you should practice how to market your newly acquired wordsmithing skills.

The marketing page will help you land a job or a project faster and will even provide you the right negotiation skills to make sure you’re never going to be underpaid.

Enjoy earning from you recently mastered!