Everything You Need to Know About Marketing

Before anything else, let us congratulate you on learning how to write!

We know it wasn’t a walk in the park, but here you are, ready to get your first couple bucks.

On this page, we’re going to talk about how to market your writing skills to get a long-term job or land some writing gigs.

It’s another intensive process, but it’s going to be worth your time and effort.

You see, in this competitive world, you have to convince your clients that you are worth the pay.

And these are what you need to do:

Part 1: Joining the Hub

There’s a market for everything.

For those trying to sell their skills, no matter what it is, we have freelance platforms or websites.

Most of the platforms are free and give both sellers (the freelancer) and buyers (the employer/client) a profile.

Like social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram, you get to modify and post things.

However, it’s more specific to only: job posts and resumes.

The more attractive either of the two, the more it gets attention.

For employers putting up a higher paycheck on their job posts, the more freelancers will apply or bid for them.

On the other hand, the more professional-looking the resume, the more jobs offered.

So, what are these platforms?

  • The best freelance platforms for beginners
  • The best freelance platforms for intermediates
  • The best freelance platform for the advanced

Part 2: Winning the Competition

Now that you know where to find potential clients, the next step is to get their attention.

But with so many other writers available, why on Earth should employers pick you?

It’s a tough one, we know.

But with the right preparation, you can always have the edge.

And here are the fundamentals:

  • How to create a compelling profile that sets you apart from other candidates
  • How to build your credibility without any professional working experience
  • How to craft a resume that will impress your employers
  • How to write a cover letter that makes you the top candidate

Part 3: Landing the Job

Once you get the priority you deserve, there’s only one more step to seal the deal – to make sure your employer hires you.

Just because you’ve made it to the top of a shortlist doesn’t automatically mean you’re employed.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person on that list, which is why you must make yourself stand out.

This phase is all about negotiating with your client.

And to make sure you win his/her heart, you have to:

  • Make a remarkable impression at an interview
  • Know when and how to compromise
  • Know when the job isn’t truly meant for you

Learning how to market yourself is the gateway to selling anything.

And if you have other things to sell aside from your writing skills, you might want to learn about blogging to make money.

The blogging page will help you create a website from scratch where you can directly sell your products or make money through affiliate marketing.

It’s the ultimate means to acquire financial freedom by earning a passive income online.