Everything You Need to Know Blogging

Writing: checked

Marketing: double-checked

Blogging: Well, that’s why you’re here.

If you’ve already made a fortune out of freelance writing and feel you can do more, then creating your first blog is the way to go.

Blogging will help you make thousands to potentially millions.

It has been the secret of online entrepreneurs such as Neil Patel since the conception of the internet.


Not only do you have total control over it, but it can be about anything.

You can start a blog about your life, passion, or even the things you hate – it’s that flexible.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Yes, creating a blog from scratch can be a walk in the park, but making it successful is a whole different story.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you build a blog that’s going to generate more money than you can spend (hopefully).

Part 1: Where to Begin and How to Do It Properly

Blogging needs to be done right at the very start.

Just as you build a house, it needs a good foundation.

If you mess its foundation yet continue building over it, there’s a good chance it won’t last.

In the end, you’ll be paying more on repairs than the construction itself.

To make things worse, you might end up abandoning the entire project after months of working on it.

So to make sure you avoid anything that would give you future headaches, here are things you need to know:

  • How to choose a niche that will go the distance
  • How to choose a domain name –why it matters and why it doesn’t at the same time
  • How to build the blog – which platform and who’s the host

Part 2: Tools, Beautification, and Technicalities

After knowing where to establish your blog, it’s time for construction.

It’s now about building its very design – the walls of your house if you may.

We’re going to share with you how to put things together, the tools you’ll need, and how to make it beautiful.

Yes, let’s face it; we fall in love with looks at first sight.

There’s no shame in being attracted to appearances at the very start.

Having a professional design will not only give your visitors the assumption that the site is safe from malware, but also all of its content is worth the read.

And that’s why you need make sure your website is a head-turner.

  • Building with WordPress
    • Getting cozy with its interior
    • What are themes and what works best
    • Design elements everyone should know

Part 3: The Content for Your Blog

The next step is all about the stuff that’s in your blog.

Content in your site can range from a short piece of literature to an hour-long video.

However, how to make it and why that specific topic is where people get stuck.

Of course, most of you may already have a niche or an idea of what the whole blog is about.

But when it comes to the details, the blog posts, and the content in general, it may be too overwhelming.

  • The type of content that generates money, and why that should be your focus
  • Keyword research and why it matters
  • Content you truly love to write about – is it worth your time when your focus is making money?
  • Essential pages and what about them

Part 4: Getting People to Visit Your Blog

As we’ve mentioned in the earlier part of this page, creating a blog isn’t that hard.

What’s difficult is getting people to visit and read its content.

There are several ways to do that, and you can be extremely creative when it comes to acquiring site traffic.

However, there are proven and tested methods that you can focus on for a start.

  • Best traffic source to jump-start your site visits
  • Organic traffic and how to do it
  • How to acquire and maintain a loyal audience – and why it matters most

Part 5: Monetizing Your Blog

We saved the best for last, which is all about generating money from your blog.

  • What are you options to monetize your blog
    • Advertize on your blog – start from scratch
    • Affiliate marketing – start earning even more
    • Sell your products – the best way to scale

Blogging, having a website, or having a solid online presence where you can influence your audience is the ultimate way to make money online.