5 Proven Tips on How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone, not just writers and authors, deserves to write like Ernest Hemingway – or at least near a journalist’s level. That’s why we’ve written this piece on how to improve your writing skills.


  • For students – it could mean better grades by acing every essay exam.
  • For professionals – it could mean getting a raise from a salary-increase letter.
  • For freelancers – it could mean acquiring more clients.
  • For bloggers and influencers – it could mean gaining more followers by crafting engaging stories.
  • For entrepreneurs – it could mean sales from compelling ad copy.
  • For everybody else – it could mean better communication.

Anyone can follow these five tips on how to improve your writing skills. They’re proven-effective and easy to keep in practice.

Five Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

No. 1: Outline Everything First

Every masterpiece starts with a sketch.

It’s an essential step that helps the artist define the structure of his work. Moreover, it unlocks solutions and new ideas to fix design challenges, which is why Van Gogh does it on all of his paintings.

The same thing holds true in writing.

To improve your writing skills, you have to embrace outlining your articles first. The easiest way to do that is to focus on the headings and subheadings before working on the sentences.

Doing so allows you to see not only the contents of each section but also the flow of the entire article. If it’s quite off, you can adjust the sequence accordingly and get the smoothest result possible.

The more sophisticated the topic you’re working on, the more time you should spend on outlining. It may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised how it can change the entire experience.

Outlining on how to improve your writing skills
  • Introduction (a quick summary or question that piques the readers’ interest)
  • First Part (a heading asking WH- questions; the content elaborating the answer)
  • Second Part (benefits and advantages)
  • Third Part (actionable information, suggestions)
  • Fourth Part (examples enforcing the third part)
  • Summary

You don’t have to follow the example above to the letter. You can develop your unique style of outlining. As long as it serves as a roadmap that strings the sections smoothly, then it should be good enough.

No. 2: Simplify Rather Than Complicate

Choose words that are straightforward and easy to digest. However, it doesn’t mean that you should use an adverb everytime you get the chance. Expanding adverbs into sentences to increase your word count and provide more clarity isn’t complicating anything.

You may think using complex words is going to impress your audience, but it won’t. In your attempt to sound authoritative, you’ll likely end up confusing your readers.

Yes, there is a time and place for flamboyant words. However, if you’re new to writing, it’s better to keep things simple.

Remember, the majority of people online aren’t scientists or lyricists. Most of them are average Joes, so getting an 8th-grade readability score or lower is what you should be aiming for.

Three ways to keep your writing simple:

  • Avoid lengthy sentences.
  • Have only one adverb on every paragraph or none at all.
  • Always, as much as possible, write in an active voice.

No. 3: Self-Editing the Proper Way

It’s a given that after we write our piece, we proofread and correct mistakes. If possible, we even enhance our work by adding sentences that would further strengthen our message.

However, after self-editing, we still end up with several errors.


We are biased. We are so prejudiced towards our work because it’s our work. That’s the biggest reason why it’s hard for us to detect mistakes because we think everything is already good as it is.

So how do you self-edit the right way?

  • Let your piece rest – for an hour, a day, or a week. This practice creates emotional distance between you and your work. The longer you let your it rest, the more impartial you become, allowing you to detect mistakes and awkward phrases.
  • Read your work out loud. A well-written article should sound smooth. You shouldn’t stammer while reading your work. If there are sentences that make you pause, give it a rework.
  • Transfer your writing in a different format. If you use Microsoft Office Word, transfer your text to Google Doc using a different font. It makes you feel as if it were published by someone else, making you even more unattached to it.
  • Get an editing tool. There are hundreds of tools out there that will identify common punctuation mistakes, syntax errors, and improper word usage. However, the best tool today is Grammarly, and our team has been using it for ages. It’s a browser extension that can spot almost any grammatical mistake.

No. 4: Have an Accountability Partner

The next tip on how to improve your writing skills is straightforward. Have a partner.

After you self-edit your work, there will still be a few mistakes that you just can’t spot. However, a new pair of eyes can detect them with ease.

Partners trying to improve their writing skills

The solution is to find a fellow writer who is willing to review your work. Your partner doesn’t have to be a professional. As long as he writes and does it regularly, he should be qualified to improve your work to some extent – vice versa.

Is an accountability partner the same as having a paid editor?

No, certainly not.

Nonetheless, he is still, without a doubt, going to improve your writing – which is the goal of this entire article.

No. 5: Read, Write, Read, and Write

People learn from reading. Writers learn from reading and writing.

So they go hand in hand.

For you to improve your writing skills, you have to read, read, and read as many books, articles, magazines, blog posts, and literary works as possible.

Each time you read a piece from an author, you get new ideas and styles of writing.


So what have you been reading lately? Please share it to us in the comment section below.

How to Save and Earn Money Using Coins.ph

Have you ever wondered how much money you actually spend on e-load?

Even with the internet becoming easier and cheaper to access, most Filipinos still spend an average of about PHP 300.00 to PHP 1,000 a month.

To help you see the big picture, you’re spending roughly PHP 3,600.00 or thrice that amount per year!


To be honest, Filipinos just love to socialize and surf the internet.

According to an infographic published on Rappler’s website in 2016, the Philippines has over 119 million mobile phone subscriptions – that’s 10 million more than the country’s current population!

And guess what?

About 113 million are on prepaid.

But what if you can cut your e-load expenditure in half?

And at the same time, have the potential to earn?

It sounds too good to be true, right?

But guess what, it’s possible, and we’ve tested it for real.

The answer: Coins.ph

Coins.ph official icon

How Coins.ph Saves You Money?

This app allows you to buy e-load with a 10% discount at all times.

So, if you purchase a PHP 50.00 e-load, which is often used for mobile data, you’re only going to pay PHP 45.00.

Now it doesn’t sound much.

But what you’re forgetting is if you buy that amount from a local store, they always add a mark-up of PHP 5.00 give or take.

So, in reality, you will save PHP 10.00 on each purchase!

Buy load image from their official website stating their discount

Another problem is that most Filipinos buy e-load daily instead of monthly.

Think about it, paying PHP 13.00 every day for PHP 10.00 worth of e-load.

Well, some people will argue that it is a sensible practice.

That’s because they’re not going to use all of it.

But no matter how you look at it – because of the extreme e-load mark-up set by local stores – it’s just not economical.

Ten days straight of buying load daily will end up paying an excess of three days worth of supposed-to-be functional airtime.

Fortunately, here’s where Coins.ph saves the day.

This app serves as an electronic wallet.

And you can use the money to pay bills, wire to other users, and purchase e-load without the mark-up.

This app gives you total control over your e-load expenditure.

Not only is it more convenient, but it also opens up the opportunity to sell e-load to your friends too.

Actual earning from coins.ph
Here’s an actual screenshot of our team member’s earnings. He doesn’t sell load, but he does buy every now and then for personal use. Ever since he started using the app, he hasn’t purchased e-load from any physical store.

How to Buy and Sell Load Using Coins.ph?

First of all, you need to register and have a verified account.

Once you’re email verified, you can start your e-load business right away!

But before you can sell, you need to cash-in, which will serve as your working capital.

Image of Working capital  for coins.ph to instruct users how to use it properly

Coins.ph app provides you with a lot of options – from online bank transfer (which is the most convenient one) to third-party entities (remittance centers, GCash, and even select department stores).

Once you have money in your account, you can start by following these steps: 

Tap on the Buy Load icon.

Buy load coins.ph instructions for users to know how to use the app properly

Then enter the mobile number of the recipient.

Coins.ph enter your mobile phone number for users to know what to do next after tapping the buy load icon

And then select the type and amount of e-load you want to buy.

Enter e-load amount you want to purchase for coins.ph app and enjoy the airtime you get

Of course, when selling e-load to your customers, you will have a profit of 10% due to the generic discount.

It’s solely up to you if you want to add a mark-up to earn a little extra.

And that’s it – you’re now set and ready!

If you’re not the type who wants to sell e-load, this app has another trick up its sleeve to help you make money.

Coins.ph Referral Program to Earn Even More

And that’s through its referral program.

Every time you invite someone and they register, both of you will earn PHP 50.00.

However, they need to be a level-2 verified user.

Now imagine successfully convincing at least ten people to have a level-2 account every single day.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of money!

But before you can even invite people, you need to be level-2 verified as well.

And here’s how to do that:

Mobile Verification

Open the Coins.ph app and tap the menu option located at the top left.

Tap Limits & Verifications.

It should prompt an information request screen.

Fill in the blanks truthfully.

Questions to answer to get level 2 verified coins.ph

Afterward, the app will ask you to present a valid government-issued ID and its number.

Acceptable IDs are as follow:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License (including Student Permits with official receipt)
  • Social Security System (SSS) Card (date of birth must be visible on the ID)
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • Postal ID (old postal IDs must have a photo of both front and back)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ID
  • Philippine National Police (PNP) ID
  • Bureau of Fire Protection ID
  • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
  • OFW ID
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
  • Police Clearance Certificate or Police Clearance Card
  • Seaman’s Books
  • National Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • Alien Certification of Registration or Immigrant Certificate of Registration

Once filled, you will need to upload a photo of that ID (in some cases, it will ask for the back image of it as well).

Please make sure that it’s clear and readable to avoid being rejected.

Id requirement for level 2 verification for coins.ph

When your photo uploads successfully, you will be transferred to a page showing your submission for review.

Check list for level 2 verification for coins.ph

If you’re confident with the photo, tap the Submit button.

Lastly, you will now need to comply with the last part of the process by tapping on the Selfie Verification button.

You only need to take a photo of yourself while holding the valid ID you submitted.

level 2 verification selfie for coins.ph

Uploads from external sources are unacceptable, so you have to do the selfie within the app.

And voila! It’s all done!

You just need to wait 24 hours for Coins.ph to approve your verification request.

Desktop Verification

If you’re a bit of an old-school, you can get verified using your desktop too.

On their website at the top right corner of your screen, click the icon with your name and click Limits & Verifications.

Limit and verification coins.ph desktop version instructions

Click the Verify Now button below the Identity Verification icon, which is under the level-2 row.

Screenshot on where to locate the verify now button of coins.ph desktop version

Provide all the information asked by the system truthfully.

Upload a photo of your chosen valid government-issued ID along with its number.

Government Photo requirement for coins.ph desktop versio level 2 verification

Lastly, take a selfie with the ID you submitted.

Coins.ph level 2 verification selfie process, final requirement

Make sure to allow the website to use your computer’s camera.

Coins.ph is an exceptional app that’s often taken for granted by most Filipinos. Not only does it allow you to store money and make online purchases a lot easier, but it also gives you the opportunity to earn. It’s reliable, easy to use, and available to anyone.


What are you waiting for? Get started now!