We Are Write 2 Make

Write 2 Make “Write2Make.com or W2M” is a free online library.

It’s aimed to help everyone improve their writing skills and make it a high-performing asset. So not only will you become better at stitching words together, but you’ll also make money out of it!

Well, that’s the gist of this website. But if you want to know more, please continue reading below.

What’s in Write 2 Make

You’re generally going to find informational articles and post under the freelance writing umbrella. Plus, everything that has to do with becoming a better wordsmith is in here, too. We’ll also talk about:  

  • How having a refined writing skill gives you the upper hand when it comes to selling other skills such as graphic design, web development, and everything else.
  • How writing scales better than any other skill you can learn – it’s handy, used in everyday life, and always in-demand. Moreover, it’s a must-have tool when starting a business.
  • How to land high-paying writing projects online and how to communicate with your client properly.
  • How to start your freelance writing career without any experience – don’t worry; it won’t be too much of a bumpy road as we’ll guide you from scratch.

Additionally, outside of wordsmithing, we also discuss:

  • How to make a couple more bucks on the side. It’s always a good thing to have some extra dough in your oven, especially when you have mouths to feed.
  • How to start a blog or website and how to monetize it. If you think you’re better off being the boss right away and have the capital, go for it!

In a nutshell, you’ll either find stuff about wordsmithing or about making money on the internet.

What’s Not in Write 2 Make

If you’re looking for a magic wand that will automatically answer all your problems, especially when it comes to making money, you’re in the wrong place. This website is more of a school, as stated at the very top, it’s a free library for you to learn.

As we all know, learning takes time, and everyone has their pace. In general, if you’re a complete newbie to writing and making money online (being a virtual assistant or an online merchant), it’s going to take even longer. However, once you’ve got all the fundamentals digested, the odds of actually making money are pretty substantial – plus, you get the chance to do it at the comforts of your home.